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Mystery Shopping

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Zoos Victoria Mystery Shopping

My CX and TKW research ran an ongoing tracking study to measure the value of Zoos Victoria membership system, general customer service, staff helpfulness, policy compliance testing and site cleanliness.

This program is now in its sixth year with TKW Research, they are conducted all year around to capture their seasonal trends and level of service. Additionally, Zoos Victoria has a good understanding of our business processes.

Mandy Admiraal

General Manager at My CX

Wesfarmers Insurance Federation

TKW Research executed 2400 Mystery Shops over 32 locations to evaluate the pricing structure, product information and legal obligation for various insurance policy enquiries for Wesfarmers Insurance Federation (WFI).

The project was conducted via both phone and online methods. The results enabled the business to pin point compliance issues and refine internal training.

During this campaign, we were also able to track the response time, up selling and specific information being collected.The scenarios for this project were intricate, containing detailed financial information and complex personal situations.


Dylan Murray

Senior Project Director at My CX

Bridgestone Select

TKW Research has conducted face to face mystery shop and telephone mystery shop programs for Bridgestone since 2016. Since then, over 1,100 face to face and 7,200 telephone mystery shops have been conducted. TKW Research assessed their customer service, product knowledge, advice and recommendations, price and in-store environment utilising both face to face and telephone Mystery shop methodologies.

A customized strategy was created to ensure the successful supply of suitable mystery shoppers to fit the intricate criteria for the car make, model, size and tyre.


Sandhaya Le Grand

COO of My CX / TKW Research



This is a face to face program that is highly focused on preserving the client’s high end brand image and ensuring everything in store is in line with vision.

This includes evaluating store details such as mirror cleanliness, 1 size of each product on the clothing rack, ascending numeral size order, ensuring sales assist in brand attire, staff knowledge and styling advise, customer service, and evaluating the overall shopping experience ensuring it matches the expectation of a high end designer boutique.

TKW Research has conducted mystery shopping for the designer fashion label Burberry since 2014. The program tracks these key criteria throughout the year to ensure continuous improvement and flag any red flag issues that a brand of this calibre cannot allow in-store.

Mandy Admiraal

General Manager at My CX

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