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We undertook a 5-day, in-home multi-product test over 4 years, completing over 14000 tests across Melbourne and Sydney.

Rather than using the traditional approach (sending out F2F interviewers each of the 5 days), we devised a plan to lock the product in a safe box to control randomised rotation and product code usage in line with our client’s rigorous project guidelines.

Results: Our innovative solution meant interviewers no longer needed to attend product testing every day, saving our client 40% in fieldwork costs.

“We invented, designed and had manufactured, a unique ‘locked box’ approach.

This new approach meant that the interviewer dropped off the pre-packaged and locked boxes on Day 1, the respondents tested the product for a day and then self-completed the online evaluation which gave them the code to unlock the following day’s product.

On Day 5 the interviewer returned and completed the last day of interviewing, paid the incentive and collected left over product and boxes. “

Mandy Admiraal, General Manager


Since 2014, we’ve been conducting blind laundry detergent product tests for Biozet, involving 120 women aged 25 to 49 years per year who are mainly responsible for laundry work in their household.

The study includes Biozet customers and its leading category competitors and is evenly split between top and front loader washing machine owners. Participants are given 1 of 2 products to sample. Each has a mirrored participant with the alternative sample.

Before conducting the test, participants are interviewed on laundry product preference and were encouraged to use the sample product for 2 weeks.

“After the test period participants were visited by staff where a second interview was conducted to assess satisfaction with the test product as well as confirming where the product sits in the participants preferred product ranking.”

Dylan Murray, Senior Project Director

Somersby Cider

From 2016 to 2019 we conducted product taste tests for 300 adults (150 Somersby drinkers) aged 18-50 at central locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Half were required to drink cider more often than every 2-3 months while the remaining half could drink cider every 2-3 months or less often.

“TKW’s experienced product testing staff administered the product test starting with a palate cleanser of water then pouring the sample for product X, participants were asked to comment on the appearance, colour and aroma, then provide a rating on taste. The process was then repeated for product Y and the test concluded with respondents nominating their preferred cider.”

Sandhya Le Grand, COO

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