What is In-store Observation and Audits?

Retail audits are often overlooked in shopper research. However, what shoppers ‘say’ doesn’t always equate to what shoppers ‘do.’ To give you greater insights in to the environmental factors that can impact interview results, we take a holistic view of your customer experience, plans and perceptions.

This Includes:

  • Counting store entry and exits (hourly), merchandise categories, aisle entry and exits.
  • Category, aisle and store mapping
  • Shopper observations to capture a snapshot of movements via trolley/basket audits, age, gender, time of day and more.

Ask us to design a tailored plan that maps out the best ways to successfully achieve your objectives, budget and parameters, which can include:

  • Defining key influencers to customer behaviour
  • Identifying the importance of store offerings
  • Understanding the impact of category and store layout
  • Determining the impact of point of sale material and visual stimuli
  • Providing you with a thorough understanding of your customer’s behaviour both in and outside your store environment.

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