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Bespoke Studies

Tailor a program to your needs for remarkable results.

Utilise social media’s astronomical data sets and access to billions of active users to understand what your user journey experience really means to customers.
• We’ll take the time to understand your requirements down to the minutest detail.
• Then we’ll carefully design a customer program to match your precise needs, incorporated the best solutions to meet your goals, customer requirements, budget and timelines.

Mystery Shopping

Use our eyes and ears to discover how your staff interact with your customers.

A great brand experience begins the moment a customer walks through your door, calls your contact number or visits your website. We work with businesses across all sectors, including the tourism, finance, automotive, FMCG, sporting, utilities and more. But how do you know your people are getting it right?
• Get insider knowledge on your customers’ journey throughout their interaction with your brand, from initial enquiry to final purchase. It’s the only way to genuinely gauge customer satisfaction.
• Receive unbiased reports that will prove vital to helping you innovate, improve and grow your business.
• Unveil the information you need to deliver the best customer experience in the market.

Intercept Interviews

Want to know exactly what customers think? Ask them to their face.

What really compels your customers to buy into your brand and why? Let’s ask them.
• Target customers when your brand is top of mind – while they’re in your store.
• Help establish a strong rapport with your tribe, securing meaningful data that’s crucial for your continued success.
• Give you real-life feedback to help make better decisions on how to tweak, extend and improve your offering to appeal more to your ideal customers.

In-Store Observations and Audits

Blitz your competition by observing your position in-store in real-time. Understanding how your customers shop and their exact in-store experience is vital for continued brand success.

Retail audits are often overlooked in shopper research. However, what shoppers ‘say’ doesn’t always equate to what shoppers ‘do.’ To give you greater insights into the environmental factors that can impact interview results, we take a holistic view of your customer experience, plans and perceptions. This includes:
• Counting store entry and exits (hourly), merchandise categories, aisle entry and exits.
• Category, aisle and store mapping
• Shopper observations to capture a snapshot of movements via trolley/basket audits, age, gender, time of day and more.

Product Testing

Make sure your product development spend pays off.

Your team might think your product’s the best invention since sliced bread, but it’s your customers’ opinions that really matter.
• Put your pre-market product in front of your target customers to ascertain viability and NPD spend value.
• Gather qualitative and quantitative information about potential consumption behaviour and user reactions.
• Get meaningful, actionable insights by immersing a captive audience with your product and brand.

Find Out More About My CX

Customer experience, or CX, can make or break your business in a dog-eat-dog digital world. How your customers interact with your brand – whether online or face-to-face – determines whether your brand succeeds or sinks beneath today’s rising tide of competition

But how do you know when your customers’ shopping experiences are primarily positive? What elements of your brand experience are letting you down? On which areas do you need to work?

We can help.

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